Strategic Response Systems provides IT services to midsized businesses, professional services firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. These services include Private and Public Cloud Enablement, Technical Security services, End-user and IT Support services, Customized IT Project Delivery, and Emergency Response services.

Founded in 2002 and based in New York City’s Financial District, SRS owns and operates its own cloud computing and server hosting infrastructure within a secure, New Jersey-based data center. We work collaboratively with our clients’ internal IT teams and seamlessly blend our services into their overall business strategies.

Our service delivery approach enables skill transfer to technical team members and end users resulting in high uptime, low latency, and true 24/7 support with full transparency into how we manage risk and deliver our solutions to your processing needs. Our security-first emphasis anticipates threats and keeps our systems resilient and stable, and our personalized approach provides solutions that meet your specific needs.  And because we invest in maintaining a dedicated team of highly-trained expert technicians, we are able to provide a broad range of specialized IT services.

Delivering a custom designed SRS approach and structure ensures that all of your IT needs are addressed and consistently well-managed so that you can focus on managing your core business.

SRS Private Cloud

Strategic Response Systems delivers our Private Cloud ecosystem from a secure, world-class data center located in Edison, New Jersey. SRS does not lease the computer equipment provided by this data center. We own the servers that enable the SRS Private Cloud. This ensures we control the security and performance of our cloud ecosystem.

Public Cloud

Many firms in our services sector are limited to providing either a Private Cloud or a Public Cloud. Strategic Response Systems offers both options. We have made effective investments to develop Public Cloud implementation expertise. For example, our technical experts have deployed applications within a customized AWS platform.

Server Colocation

Strategic Response Systems also maintains private rack space within the data center. For clients who wish to colocate their servers within a secure facility, their private servers will be housed, managed, and maintained within server racks we exclusively control. We can also provide customized server management and maintenance services to accompany the physical server colocation.

Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid Clouds enable firms to simultaneously access systems on Public, 3rd-party Solution, and Private Cloud platforms. We can design cloud infrastructure connectivity solutions that seamlessly integrate multiple cloud ecosystems. SRS can provide user and IT support services that cover all cloud usage scenarios, including those that involve specialized cloud software vendors.

Servers | Networks

SRS technical security services include remote network monitoring, virus scans, and end-user access management. Our systems continuously scan for potential points of risk, intrusions, and attempts to compromise the firm’s IT infrastructure. Our server colocation capabilities provide the opportunity to place vital server equipment into a secure data center.

Computer Usage

The #1 IT security threat is not viruses, hacking, nor other technically-based risks. Secure IT operations begin with users working in their technology ecosystems in safe ways. For example, the sharing of “memory sticks” and inappropriate use of mobile devices may create risks that can be avoided with the correct technical and equipment-usage policies.

Internet Connectivity

SRS can install firewall servers/security software to protect Internet connectivity and control employee access to external websites. We provide customized solutions that can scan emails and prevent spam from entering the firm’s email servers. We can also implement Virtual Private Networks and customized Secure Remote Communication connections.

Remote Access Security

SRS can codify the IT policies and procedures that govern access to internal IT systems from mobile devices and remote locations. We provide system access management tools to ensure the safety of our clients’ IT infrastructures.  If access violations are detected, SRS provides immediate notifications and takes steps to prevent harm from occurring.

System Installation

SRS can provide customized services to support internal IT projects. We can also work remotely to deliver turnkey systems and install packaged solutions.  For example, we have installed email systems, upgraded operating systems, and deployed firm-wide networks. Our capability to video conference-enabling technologies is a key competitive differentiator.

Expansions | Relocations

SRS can assist clients with office expansions and relocations. We have coordinated services such as server room build-out, cabling, and workstation provisioning into a unified project. SRS has also provided services that standardize branch office IT infrastructure and user support. We can provide expert assistance in meeting New York City building code requirements.

VoIP Communications

SRS also provides onsite services that facilitate the implementation of communication systems.  For example, we can plan and manage the implementation of Voice over IP solutions, video conferencing, and wireless communication systems. SRS has produced significant cost savings for our clients during vendor/equipment selection.

IT-Business Planning

Many firms in our sector advertise “Virtual CIO” services. We view our best-fit role as an expert technical advisor and IT team ally. For example, we have assisted clients in the development of one-year and two-year strategic plans. SRS can also develop comprehensive budgets that emphasize the cost-effective use of technology.

IT Support Desks

We provide our clients with options for user and IT team assistance through both email-based and phone-in support desks. Unlike many companies in our services sector, we do not employ “call center staff” to respond to the first inquiries for assistance. Our clients speak and work directly with SRS technical experts who immediately respond to issues and resolve problems.

Remote Management

SRS provides IT infrastructure “Remote Monitoring and Management” services. RMM typically includes virus scans, system-wide software updates, and the remote management of servers. We take it one step further. Our customized technical support system can actively seek out impending IT infrastructure problems and address them before they occur.

End-user Training

SRS can assist IT teams with the deployment of end-user skill development programs. We view training as an opportunity for our clients to develop effective computer usage capabilities while, at the same time, deploy consistent IT security policies.  Strategic Response Systems can also assist in the development of technical onboarding procedures and IT security measures for staff that will depart from the firm.

Knowledge Transfer

SRS embraces the opportunity to transfer useful technical knowledge to our clients’ end users. This proactive approach can be particularly helpful during the ramp-up of SRS support services. For example, help desk requests from one client were reduced by more than 75% when we taught users how to solve common workstation glitches and problems.

Damage Control

In many cases, an IT emergency produces “downstream” effects as serious as the primary problem. Our first actions focus on protecting systems from additional harm.  Steps are then taken to limit the potential downstream issues. Do you have an IT emergency? You can directly reach an SRS firm leader through this phone number: (646) 258-0307.

System Restoration

SRS specializes in resolving complex technical issues that affect business operations. For example, we can immediately begin the work necessary to repair system-wide network failures, Internet connectivity issues, and server issues caused by security breaches. We can then provide ongoing services to help ensure future emergencies and security issues are avoided.

Information Retrieval

SRS provides expert-level services in the field of “complex information retrieval”. This field of expertise differs from traditional data recovery services. For example, we have restored corrupted email systems, recovered lost data that was distributed across multiple servers, and restored company-wide file systems.

Recovery Coordination

Emergency responses sometimes require the coordination of multiple services.  For example, a sprinkler goes off in the server room. Some hard drives need specialized data recovery services.  Certain equipment must be physically repaired. A key application system is corrupted.  SRS can coordinate a seamless recovery project that combines the expert services of several firms.

Service Dialogs

To begin SRS service discussions, we provide the time of our Project Services Specialist. This individual has more than twenty years of experience in the IT industry. In the early business dialogs, our Project Specialist works directly with prospective clients to define the SRS services that are best-fit. We focus on cost efficiency matched to technical effectiveness.

Succinct Proposals

Our CEO then works with the SRS team to form a concise proposal that codifies the proposed working relationship, specific service deliverables, SRS staffing, time frames, and budget. Our proposals are concise, do not include “promotional fluff”, and can be presented by IT Teams to the firm’s leadership group with confidence.

Project Definition

Once the general nature of the project or support program is understood, SRS technical experts are brought in to define the scope, deliverables, time frames, and budget for our proposed services. In tandem with this activity, our Project Services Specialist focuses on codifying the tangible and intangible benefits our work will provide.

Professional Contracts

SRS prepares customized services contracts with the assistance of an industry-experienced legal advisor. We do this ensure our statements of delivery exactly match what our clients expect to receive. SRS carries three types of insurance. We have never needed to engage this insurance. Our leadership team takes personal responsibility for the quality of our work.

Sharad Suthar

CEO / Founder

Sharad started working in computing at the early age of 14, writing complex computer programs. By the time he entered the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology, where he continued excelling in the field of Computer Science, he was adept in a variety of programming languages. Sharad then attended City College of New York, School of Engineering where he completed his studies in Mathematics and Computer Science and Engineering.

By the time he received his graduate degree in Computer Science, Sharad understood intimately how a business can be adversely affected by system downtime, inefficiencies and lack of qualified IT staff.

His dream became to build a business and model that created a real “partnership” with mid-market companies; one where a bold, different IT Services Company could provide IT infrastructure efficiency, stability, security, dependability and technical expertise as a real part of another company’s IT team.  That happens only when you truly understand their business.

Before embarking on that journey however, Sharad worked on Wall Street with M A Schapiro, PaineWebber/UBS, and eBond – engineering and administering several financial and trading systems. He also spearheaded efforts to successfully mitigate the Y2K bug from a key system used to run a trading platform. Upon receiving his graduate degree in Computer Science, he launched SRS with his particular vision and unique blend of discipline, integrity and transparency.

Transforming passion into reality, SRS has since expertly served numerous businesses with IT initiatives, migrations and digital transformation strategies even serving as a firm’s dedicated IT team if desired.

Sharad credits his success to his late father, a mathematician, and a statistician and computer scientist, for instilling in him a deep curiosity and love of discovery, mastery and perseverance at a very early age.

Nibelka Ventura

Director of IT Support & Services

Nibelka attended the City College of New York and completed her BA degree in Communications, summa cum laude, in 2003. She has led SRS’s client services since SRS launched operations in 2002 including all administrative functions, front-line client support, and she now also coordinates SRS service responses across all of our specializations.

Nibelka’s multifaceted responsibilities draw upon her skills in psychology, communications and her hands-on interactions with computer science.   Growing up, while others were playing computer games, Nibelka was using computers to write documents and develop creative designs, the loss of which taught her the value of backups and redundant systems.  This blend of tech savvy and creativity allows her to connect with customers from the user perspective and help them resolve issues, however large or small, they may be experiencing.

SRS’s 3-part customer workshops are the result of Nibelka’s many client implementations and are conducted upon completion of a technology solution implementation.  Her custom designed workshops deliver the exact specifications requested by our clients while ensuring key areas are well understood and embraced.

One of the hallmarks of SRS services is our personal relationship with each client. Some clients need all of our services, and some only a few.  Nibelka and CEO Sharad Suthar both have a deep understanding of how to empower the diversity of staff requiring training in both end-user security best practices, and in the development of informed, and personalized services.